Christmas is approaching, and everyone in Sheffield and nearby locations plans to decorate their homes. This event was joyful and entertaining; everyone waited for this occasion.

 But what about the post-festival waste? Have you ever thought about how to manage and dispose of waste created due to this festival? Do you need to call the experts for waste removals in Sheffield, or do you want to do it yourself?

Christmas is a joyous celebration with close ones. However, when the happy moments end, individuals are often left feeling overwhelmed, mainly when forced to deal with the mess. In this blog, you will learn how to deal with post-Christmas waste and make this festival a little bit greener. 

What Do You Need To Recycle And What Not?

The cards used in this festival are one of the most recycled items. Each one of the Christmas cards is recycled unless they are decorated with foil and glitter particles. In that case, putting them in the general waste bin is good. 

The original Christmas trees are also recyclable as they can be cut down in small sections into chippings before they are again disposed of in the backyard waste bins. Another choice is to replant the tree and allow it to be used next year. 

Almost 300,000 miles of wrapping papers end up in the rubbish bins each Christmas. When you are thinking of recycling the wrapping paper, be sure that you remove any extra decorations like ribbons, sticky tape, and bows. 

Tips To Make A Greener Christmas

For those who use plastic trees, it is good to store them in the loft or any other home place, clean them, and reuse them next year. These trees will last forever with just a little care and love. Reusing plastic Christmas trees rather than throwing them away is an affordable and sustainable alternative to buying a new tree yearly. 

Another sustainable way for waste disposal is to avoid using disposable dinnerware. You can use your daily cutlery and dinnerware, which will help reduce waste and pollution. The meal planning portion size will reduce excessive Christmas dinner and rubbish and save money. 

At Terry’s House Clearances and & Waste Removals, the team will be equipped with the latest waste removal tools and equipment. They will efficiently clear the space without leaving a bit of waste in the area. Want to make your Christmas waste-free and greener? Contact us now.